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J-Bar Farms is moving to Hawai`i. We still offer the vertical migration vermicomposting systems shipped directly to you. Click here to order.

J-Bar Farms 2004

Some of our "worm food factories"

Aloha Redworms was created out of a symbiotic relationship between our Earth and the miniature Mediterranean donkey and equine rehabilitation operations at J-Bar Farms in Oregon.

We strongly believe that one person can make a difference. With the resurgence of interest in raising wholesome food in home gardens, composting has also found new enthusiasts. Red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida) are the perfect partners in your quest to reduce/reuse/recycle. The amount of useable food waste in landfills is staggering, and we support your efforts to save the planet in any way possible. With our Aloha Redworms vertical migration composting system (made from recycled plastics), your kitchen food scraps will quickly turn into a rich compost material suitable for adding valuable nutrients to your houseplants and outdoor gardens whether you like to grow flowers or healthy fruits and vegetables for your family. Order Aloha Redworms Vermicomposting Systems Now
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